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The Bible in a completely new light ... chapter and verse.

The Rockpool Bible is a unique open-source, open-access compilation of contemporary creative work attached to the Bible verses that inspired or informed them. It's a new illuminated Bible text; and unlike commercially illustrated publications it gives an opportunity for all artists - professional or amateur - to be part of the project. And, being an online resource, part of its delight is in encouraging music and video contributions as well as traditional visual material. It provides a unique showcase for artists, film makers and musicians ... and professionals can opt for licensing of downloads to protect their commercial work.

And the extra something... we're looking for people's experiences of how the Bible has spoken to them, and these are also searchable by verse or Bible story. These can be life-changing personal narratives or visions, catalyst moments, turning points or confirmations of direction.

We intend Rockpool to be an essential resource for Bible study and creative projects, for students, churches and researchers, and to become a regular and inspiring reference point for all Bible users, believers or not. An immediate development of Rockpool is 'Splash!' a schools program which allows children to compile and publish their own illustrated Bible. Shaun and Rachel are also working on an educational narrative to inspire childrens' imaginations and creative processes.

The group behind Rockpool is Volte, an independent collaboration of specialists in technology, creative art and the Pioneer Ministry of the CofE. There are plans to develop Volte as a media hub in its own right, and using Rockpool as a resource - first steps being taken in radio/TV work and music publishing as I write.

Contact :

Shaun Turner - Technology & Education (education@volte-tbf.com)

Jennifer Bell - Creative (creative@volte-tbf.com)