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About the Rockpool Bible Project...
The Rockpool Bible is a free, open-sourced, open-access online illuminated Bible, illustrated with the contributions of contemporary creative work (visual art, music and songwriting, narratives and poetry, embedded video and audio) as well as personal testimonies and visions, set against the Bible verses or passages that inspired or informed them.

This is a unique showcase for all artists working with Bible iconography, and a growing resource for researchers and students, as well as an imaginative online reading experience.

The Rockpool Bible expresses the Gospel message in new and innovative ways without compromising the text. If you are an artist who works with Biblical imagery - professional or amateur, we encourage you to contribute and be involved in a global community art project.

We believe that the Christian church needs to consider both the edges of creative thought and new ways of 'doing church and mission', but also engage in a re-thinking of the beautiful and timeless, that does not reject the traditional but empowers it for the contemporary world.

The project has the potential to stream into digital publishing, media, education and research, to stimulate Bible study in a new way in schools and children's work, to facilitate personalised collections of text and imagery, and the structure to enable individual churches and art groups to develop their own self-resourced creative ministries.

Jennifer Bell & Shaun Turner